Visitor Questions answered

mel fisher 054Q.send  more info on camping and fishing

A. Here you go info on camping and fishing

Q. Why are all the outfitters listed on the kayak page from california and not from the Florida Keys?

A. That happens sometimes when you deal with a national company for your website advertising

Q. I’m looking for a small chapel that overlooks the water.  Is there anything similar to this in the Keys?  Thank you.

A. Off hand, if you are looking to get married overlooking the ocean, they conduct wedding ceremonies at the West Martello Tower

Q. I am from New York and I am thinking about moving to Key West within a year or two. I would just like to know what I can do for employment and if it would be possible for me to purchase a mobile home and put it somewhere. All your help is much appreciated.

A. Welcome fellow New Yorker, there are trailer lots all over the Keys, but employment is not that great. Lots of service industry jobs, most people who seem to do well have their own business of some kind.

Q. Are there boats that go from Ft. Myers (or other Gulf spot) to the Keys for a Day trip?  Are there any 1 or 2 day packages like that? We’re looking for info on the best beaches at the Keys that have accommodations on them.  Specifically, where are the longest stretch of beaches.  We were told that there were not any.

A. Their is a ferry service from Ft Myers and Miami , there website is . There are accommodations on Smathers Beach in Key West, there are also numerous hotels all over the Keys that have some type of semi-private beach, such as Holiday isle or Sunset key

Q. I need to find a campground for a cub scout den of 6 boys and family for a weekend camping trip in February.  Could you make a suggestion?

A. I would imagine any of the campgrounds listed on this site would be possibilities. Just click camping on the left hand navigation.

Q. My fiance and I are in the works of planning our honeymoon. What we would really love to do is to drive the Florida keys and enjoy the beaches and see attractions. Is there a booklet that can be sent to us to help us with planning our honeymoon or any other helpful places to go to?

A. No , this website is the booklet , feel free to print it out

Q. Hi, I am looking for a rental for two adults and one ten year old boy.

A. Might want to be a bit more specific

Q. Hello, we are visiting Islamorada next week.  Wondering if there are fan boat/glades tours nearby?

A. If you want to go on a air boat ride, the nearest place would be Florida City, you will be driving past it on the way to Islamorada, it is just south of Miami

Q. Where in the keys do you suggest I launch a 22\\\’Sailboat. So that I can spend a week sailing(wilder more remote is best for me).

A. Key West , and then head west, doesn’t get more remote then that.

Q. Do you need a fishing license to fish florida lower keys from the shore? if so what is the fee of the licence?

A. No, but you do need one to fish from a boat

Q. Is “topless” allowed? How about “thong bottoms”?

A. Not sure if topless is allowed every where, but there are many clothing optional establishments in the Keys. Pretty sure “thong bottoms” are allowed