No Name Pub

No Name Pub

No Name Pub is an out-of-the-way pub with a full menu, located on Big Pine Key. No Name Key is just off Big Pine Key, and you actually have to drive north into the depths of Big Pine in order to get to No Name. For all the secrecy and lack of signs to No Name Pub, it certainly seems to be well-known and popular for lunch. On a typical lunch hour in the middle of July, which is the off season for the Florida Keys, the place had a pretty good share of its tables full of patrons. The crowd seems to be locals but with a few visitors mixed in. Some are eating at the bar, gazing at the nature shows on the television. Everyone seems to be in a good mood here.

The interior is dark and low-ceilinged. The tables are heavy dark-stained chunky wood with homemade condiment pedastals. The ceiling is covered, 100% covered in hanging dollar bills put there by patrons. Each one is personalized with markers. The dollar bills flutter in the breeze of the AC and the neon signs glow in the corners to create a unique atmosphere.

The tone is casual- paper placemats, plastic cutlery, and a roll of paper towels at each table. Your waitperson might also be the bartender, and it seems the waitstaff often know their customers by first name. Very good service with a smile, even though their menu reads, “Lousy Service & Great Food!. The menu features burgers, pizzas, calzones and other pub-style food. The calzones are great, with delicious fresh dough. The silver dollar fries are excellent, too.

The history of No Name Pub goes like this: it was built in 1936, making it the oldest bar on Big Pine Key. It was originally a general store with a brothel upstairs. In the 1940s it changed with the times and acknowledged the budding tourism industry. It sold bait and tackle along with the other goods at the general store. The actual No Name Pub was brought about in the 1950s.

The No Name Pub is open every day of the week from 11am to 11pm. It’s located on North Watson Blvd, one quarter mile south of No Name Bridge on Big Pine Key.

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