Fort Zachary Taylor in Depth

Fort Zachary Taylor is trapezoid-shaped, and the longest wall, or curtain, is the side that faces the city of Key West. In the center of the longest curtain is the sallyport, which is the only way to get in and out of the fort. The sally port has a drawbridge. The fort originally had three storeys. The first floor had the kitchen, laundry, and dining rooms. At each end of the longest curtain were the gunpowder magazines. The corner cells were what made up the fort prison.

In 1889 the top two floors of the fort were removed in order to update the weaponry. These floors had housed the barracks for the troops. Nine years later, Batter Osceola and Battery Adair were added. Batter Adair was constructed along the West Curtain of the fort. Lt. Lewis Adair, the namesake for the Batter Adair, had abeen a 22nd Infantry who died in 1872 from wounds incurred in battle withthe Sioux Indians in the Dakota Territory. Battery Osceola is named for Osceola, who was a leader of the Seminole Nation in Florida. This battery is on the South Curtain.

Rocks at Fort Taylor, Key West
Interior at Fort Taylor
Fort Zachary Taylor
Fort Taylor, Key West
The View from Fort Taylor State Park
Fort Zachary Taylor
Gatling Gun
Jim Racchi Sculpture
Sculpture by Jim Racchi
Key West Fort Zachary Taylor
Fort Taylor