Key West Snorkeling

Key West Snorkeling – Key West snorkeling is a fun, easy way to explore the living coral reef that lies just a few miles off shore from the island. It’s a fun, safe and easy way to discover the abundance of marine life that lives just below the surface on and around the coral reef system that stretches right in front of Key West, all the way out to the Dry Tortugas. With daily trips out to the reef, you can easily fit Key West snorkeling into your vacation plans. It takes less than an hour to get out there, and you’ll have plenty of time to snorkel the reef, watch marine life, or just glide effortlessly over the surface of the ocean waters and watch the world go by.

Book a snorkeling trip out of Key West harbor and chances are you’ll be headed for Sand Key Light, the most popular snorkeling spot in Key West. Sand Key Light marks a particularly shallow part of the coral reef, where snorkelers can swim up to an area where it’s only a few feet deep. This means you can get a close look at the coral reef and all the marine life that lives on it, without even having to dive down under water. Just float on the surface and look down, it’s that easy! No wonder Key West snorkeling is one of the most popular ways to spend a morning or afternoon. The snorkel boats are large and comfortable, often equipped with refreshments and a juice bar. Enjoy the ride too, and watch Key West get smaller and smaller as you head for the reef in comfort.

Key West snorkeling boats are fully equipped for comfort and for safety. In fact, the boats are tightly regulated and monitored to ensure that all safety equipment is up to date and in working order. Your snorkel guide will instruct you and the other passengers on the way out to the reef. You’ll be supplied with everything you need, including personal flotation device and of course snorkeling equipment. You’ll also get a wet suit if the water is cold. The snorkel you receive will be yours to keep. The snorkel outfitters will supply you with a mask and fins, which you return at the end of the trip. Just bring your swimsuit, sunblock, water, towel and coverup for the trip back in case you get a chill in the breeze.

If you love Key West snorkeling so much you want to try it again, there are also trips out to Rock Key, which is just slightly east of Sand Key Light. Rock Key also offers wonderful abundance of marine life and colorful diversity of species. Ask your guide if you are interested, and he or she can help you find a boat that goes there.

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