Glass Bottom Boat Tours

Florida Keys Glass Bottom Boat

By far the tamest way to see the reef, and best on windy days, and great with small children, is by Glass Bottom Boat. This wonderful-sounding idea is actually a large boat with strong glass panels built into the hull, through which you can look down at the reef below. It doesn’t require swimming, getting wet, or even braving the elements, which is good if you catch some cold weather or some windy days. If you’re in Key Largo, go to John Pennecamp Coral Reef State Park and book a trip from there. Their glass-bottom boat is call the Spirit of Pennekamp. It goes at daily beginning at 9 AM, then 12 PM and finally 3 PM. It’s air-conditioned which makes oh what a difference if you visit in summertime when the cooling winds are down. If you’re in Key West, head over to the Key West Historic Seaport, where you’ll see a large blue boat, if it’s not out on the reef, tied to the dock, farthest slip out. They do daily glass-bottom boat tours as well.