Florida Keys Weddings

Weddings in the Florida Keys

Why Get Married in the Keys? Because the Florida Keys offer every type of wedding imaginable. From swanky resort receptions to simple beach weddings, you’ll find your dream wedding is not only available, but fuss free, too, right here in the Keys.

Why get married away from home? Well, believe it or not, a destination wedding takes a lot of stress out of the wedding planning. It’s a neutral location to both families involved, nobody’s feelings get hurt about where the wedding is held, and since everyone is traveling to the wedding, it’s usually fair all around as far as whose guests have to travel further from home. Believe it or not, these do become issues in the initial stages of wedding planning.

Also, since the wedding is taking place in a tropical location such as the Florida Keys, it adds a touch of excitement and exoticness to the whole event, and makes it even that much more exciting for all the guests. The wedding can turn into a class reunion, a family reunion, or just a small getaway for a few close family members and friends, depending on the size of your guest list.

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Also, the “rules” for wedding ceremonies and receptions are a bit looser because the whole wedding itself is non-traditional. In other words, you get to do exactly what you want, and how you want it. If you want to go barefoot for your ceremony, nobody is stopping you. In fact, getting married in the Keys almost calls for barefoot style! If you want to get married on a fishing boat, well that can be arranged, and no wedding planner will think you’re crazy. These planners here in the Keys are used to all sorts of non-traditional requests for weddings, and they know how to arrange anything.

A Florida Keys wedding can also be very cost-effective when you consider all the wedding packages offered by resorts throughout the Keys. You can look for all-inclusive packages where you stay, eat, get married and spend your honeymoon at a particular resort, and the total cost is much lower than a traditional a la carte wedding in a big city.

Resorts have really listened to their guests and the whole wedding planning scene and have responded with excellent wedding packages for the couple and their guests. Many resorts in the Keys specialize in wedding packages so shop around and get just what you want.

What Are the Requirements for Getting Married in the State of Florida?

First of all, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to be a resident of the State of Florida in order to get hitched here. Get a marriage license at any Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, anywhere in Florida. It doesn’t have to be from Monroe County, which is where the Florida Keys are located. To get the license, bring valid photo ID. It’s good for 60 days. Also, if either of you have been married and divorced before, you must supply the date of the divorce. If either of you has been widowed, same goes here: supply the date of the spouse’s death.

If you’re a resident of the State of Florida, there are some hoops to jump through before getting married. First, you must have taken a state-sanctioned marriage prep course within the last year. Secondly, there’s a three-day waiting period.

Possible wedding guests vary.

Allow the breadth of possibilities to wed, celebrate, and honeymoon in the Florida Keys fit within your budget and lifestyle.