Florida Keys Accommodations

Visitors to the Florida Keys will delight in the wonderful array of choices when it comes to deciding where to stay in Paradise. From full-service resort compounds on private islands to intimate, hidden gems nestled among the palm trees, there are island jewels up and down the Florida Keys, just waiting for the next round of guests to experience all they offer.

Though Highway One may look overcrowded with dive shops and souvenir megastores, hidden oases of lush foliage and spalike resorts do exist all along the Keys. You just have to know where to find them. Sometimes it’s just an unobtrusive sign on the overseas highway that points the way inside to a shimmering seaside resort that makes your vacation just right. Some of the privately owned resorts in the Keys have been in families for generations and offer giant tree canopies, tropical gardens, and ocean views to calm the soul. Many resorts have undergone renovations within the past five years or so, and offer bright, spacious rooms and spalike decor. Many have hired interior decorators to apply their skills to creating individually-designed rooms, so each visitor has a truly unique experience. Resorts are usually built strategically so that as many guests as possible can have waterfront views.

Escape the clamor of everyday life and enjoy the special touches you’ll be delighted to find at many of the resorts and guest rooms in the Florida Keys. Poolside amenities like fruit juice and mineral water or adventure equipment like kayaks and paddleboats are often complimentary. Don’t be surprised, as you go to check out your resort’s ocean or bayside shoreline, if you see several kayaks tied up, waiting for guests to jump in. Some resorts will have their own private fishing pier, from which you can view the sunset or drop a line and see what you might catch. They’re good for awesome photographs, too. Some people could spend hours on a pier, just gazing out into the ocean and dreaming. That’s what it’s all about!

Most resorts will have their own private beach, but check first if this is important to you. Sand has to be brought in to make the beaches, since the reef protects the land’s edge from waves and no natural beaches are created. But most resort owners know how important it is to laze about in a hammock while holding a tropical drink in your hand when you visit the Florida Keys, so chances are, they’ll have a beach!

If excursions are part of your plans for your Keys vacation, then your concierge will take care of everything for you. They’ll book fishing charters, dive trips, snorkel adventures, sunset cruises and boat rentals for you, no problem, no hassle. Many of the boat rentals will bring the boat to the resort for you, so don’t even think about getting in your car again. Private charters are likely to come to your resort’s dock as well, for a morning or afternoon fishing trip. Better yet, some resorts have adventure outfitters right on the premesis, and you can just walk down the beach from your room and choose your Florida Keys adventure. It doesn’t stop at fishing and kayaking, by the way… look for parasail adventures, snorkel trips, dive excursions, eco tours, and dolphin tours.

Cooling off in the tropical sun is no problem since most resorts and hotels will have either a swimming pool, a saltwater pool, or a protected lagoon in the sea for swimming. Water temperatures are divine, especially in Spring, Summer and Fall. More and more resorts have included spa and fitness facilities in their renovation plans, too. Look for such amenities and others such as WiFi, DVD players and flat-screen TVs at the more modern resorts throughout the Florida Keys.

From simple, family-owned inns to modern, full-facility resorts, accommodations in the Florida Keys can mean anything you want in Paradise, where it’s all about casual fun, deep relaxation and total escape from everything else.