Conch Republic Divers

We are located in Tavernier which is just South of Key Largo and North of Islamorada. Running out of Tavernier Creek, we have access to the reefs from the southern edge of Pennekamp Park off of Key Largo down to about Alligator Light just south of Islamorada. This gives us access to some of the best scuba diving in the Florida Keys.
We scuba dive sites along the main reef line as well as numerous shallow patch reefs.
This includes Molasses Reef, Pickles Reef, including the section with a stand of rare pillar coral, the Conch Reef System, Davis, Crocker, Victory, and many, many others. Most of these are within 20 to 50 minutes of our dock.

Having access to the reef system from Key Largo to Islamorada gives our divers a wide variety when scuba diving in the Florida Keys.
In addition to shallow and intermediate reefs, we also dive the major wrecks in the area, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Duane, Bibb, Spiegel Grove and the Eagle.

Conch Republic Divers offers primarily private and semiprivate instruction. We do not try to be the fastest around or the cheapest-especially for the basic open water class. It is our approach that you scuba diving certificate once and you might as well do it right!
That said, I believe our price is competitive. We don’t nickel and dime you . If equipment is required, we provide it, yes, even mask, fins and snorkel if you don’t have your own! At the end of your course you will have a dive table and a log book. Our instructors are patient and thorough and have been diving for years.

After scuba diving you’ll also like our private warm water showers with dressing area. Plus dedicated internet access for checking your email.

Come join our captains and crew and let us provide you with a scuba diving adventure while enjoying the activities the Florida Keys has to offer. Staying in Key Largo or Islamorada, Tavernier is on a few miles to go to have some of the best scuba diving while in the Florida Keys.

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