Bibb and Duane

The “Bib and Duane” were Coast Guard cutters that were sunk off Key Largo. They were intentionally sunk in 1987 as part of an artificial reef program in the Florida Keys. Both cutters are 327 feet long and the Duane is at a depth of around 100 feet. She’s upright with a slight lean to the starboad side. The Bibb is less frequently visited and lies totally on her side. Diving to either wreck is for advanced divers only because of the depth and because of the strong currents.

Both cutters were built in the 1930s and served more than fifty years. Bibb and Duane cutters were used in the Vietnam War and in World War II. The Duane distinguished herself in a number of ways. She helped to sink a German U-Boat during World War II. The Duane also served in the early 1980s in the Mariel Boat Lift, when they transported refugees from Cuba to Florida. She was also a member of the Coastal Surveillance Force during the Vietnam War, off the coast of Vietnam. Now she serves as a habitat for reef fish and other organisms in the clear waters of Key Largo. Both ships served as rescue boats for many years.

Fivers who spearfish report seeing Wahoo, Grouper, and large Amber Jacks. Both wrecks are fished heavily, so people advise getting there early if you want to dive.