Anne’s Beach

Anne’s Beach

Anne’s Beach is great because it’s easy to find, easy to reach, and easy to enjoy. It’s located at Mile Marker 73.4 on the oceanside and the land is narrow here so you’d have to be asleep to miss the beach. The signs are not large, however, so do keep your eyes peeled for Mile Marker signs if traffic is heavy. Slamming on your brakes for Anne’s Beach and causing a pile-up of cars isn’t what Anne had in mind. The beach isn’t huge and in fact it’s incredibly narrow and natural-looking. There’s not a ton of parking, but usually enough for those who choose to stop by for a quick dip in the ocean or a rest stop for visitors after clawing their way through Miami traffic. The natural look is exemplified by the presence of lots of mangrove trees growing just behind the sand, among which a boardwalk has been constructed. You can walk through the trees and look out at the ocean, realizing you’re part of a perfect tropical scene, letting the tension of everday life melt away from you. It’s a great place to decompress and start to relax and enjoy your Florida Keys vacation, if you haven’t managed to do so already. Bring a cooler, bring a boxed lunch, becaue there are picnic tables here along the boardwalk. Picnic tables on decks with roofs over them to create a shady place to have lunch and hang out, that is. It’s the perfect spot to stop. It is known as a nude beach, so brace yourself, but most people don’t take advantage of the situation and keep their clothes on. Hey, it’s the Keys, so you might as well. No? Well, you always have the option at Anne’s Beach should you change your mind!

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