Florida Keys Activities

People visit the Florida Keys for all sorts of reasons, but one thing they all seem to have in common is a love of warm weather. One of the major attractions of the Keys is that you get sunshine almost all year ’round, and there are so many things to do. Even the coldest day in Winter is still “shorts weather”, and the hottest day in Summer is cooled by island breezes and plenty of shade. We don’t get quite as hot as Miami, this being a chain of islands surrounded by water and breezes and not totally paved over like an urban area would be. Our water temperature is mild all year, and you can scuba or snorkel even in wintertime. Many people like to wear wetsuits in the coldest months if they go swimming in the ocean, but hey, you’re swimming in the ocean in January!

Florida Keys Activities
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Year-round warm weather and water means an emphasis on outdoor activities in the Florida Keys, and especially anything on the ocean. Any day of the year you can find a fishing charter captain ready to take you out fishing. Same goes for snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, kayaking, jet skiing and glass bottom boat tours. You can rent your own boat, if you like, and keep it at your place while here on vacaton. Lots of boat rentals will rent by the week and bring the boat to your vacation rental or resort.

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On land, most of the organized activities are in Key West, but other parts of the Florida Keys have fun things to do as well. You can rent bicycles in just about any area of the Keys, and the Florida State Parks are open year round, with camping, tours, swimming, snorkel rentals, kayaking and canoeing. And yes, there is even golfing in the Florida Keys, believe it or not. If you’re in Key West, there are Ghost Tours, Walking Tours of the city, Trolley Tours, Conch Train tours, bicycle tours, Cemetery tours, and garden tours. Although you’ll want a large hat and water in summertime, all these things are offered all year.

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Key West has the most offerings when it comes to activities, since this town sees the most visitors. One activity that’s unique to Key West and can’t be done on any other Key is the Duval Crawl. Duval Street is lined with pubs and bars, and you can hop from one to the other all day long if you want, no driving necessary. While some people may think this doesn’t fit into the same category as kayaking and scuba diving, just come to Key West and observe, and you find a lot of people that consider the Duval Crawl a serious activity and they have lots of fun doing it! Other more, let’s say, upright activities on Duval Street in Key West include shopping, visiting galleries, and souvenir hunting.